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Ansima has worked with some of the words largest companies & institutions and have helped them improve their solutions by refining their speech, tactile or graphical application interfaces and interaction models.

We are happy to list the following as some of our clients:


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Work on multi-modal testbed for CRM applications using natural language input based on both text and speech mixed with touch based interactions such as gestures.

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Stanford University, Oxford Brookes University, UK

Work on design and evaluation of speech based interfaces, speech based in-vehicle systems and dialogues

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Sybase iAnywhere

Work on new concepts as well as improvements of existing SW/UIs targeted for CRM and implemented on touch and gesture based handheld devices with speech input/output capabilities.

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Toyota InfoTechnology Center

Work on speech based in-vehicle systems to select and evaluate voices, dialogues and interaction strategies for in-vehicle systems. This include systems such as navigation systems and systems that control the in-vehicle environment. In addition to evaluation of and improvements to existing systems, new concepts for interactive information systems are investigated.

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Work on new concepts involving touch based interfaces and gestures. Setting up and running user studies to evaluate performance of and attitude towards synaptic touch technology. Performing comparative evaluations of touch technology from various vendors. Patents filed and granted.

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Barnes & Noble

Early concept work and user studies on color and e-ink ebook readers and devices. This included identifying user groups, running focus groups, interviews as well as design and evaluation of user interfaces, interaction methods and hardware devices.

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Design, prototype and evaluate new consumer electronics devices

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