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User Research and Usability Testing

Product analysis & review based on qualitative and/or quantitative studies can include the following services:

- Pre-product/Concept Studies and Review
- Usability and Accessibility Testing and Usability Review
- Market Research and Competitive Analysis
- Performance Testing and Performance Review

A review of a product is an inexpensive and quick alternative to a user based test. Our experts will review and evaluate the functionality, usability or accessibility of your product.

For usability tests we will work with you to have representative users test and use your product or prototype in a realistic context. This service is the best way of uncovering opportunities to improve the usefulness, accessibility, usability and persuasiveness of your product.

Interface, Interaction and Device Design

- Design of Speech Interfaces and Dialogue Systems
- Design of Touch and Gesture based interfaces
- Design of Machine Learning Systems
- Interaction Design and Device Design

Information Architecture

Organize functionality and content into a structure that users can navigate intuitively. This enables companies to support users from first initial contact to their goal instead of uses reverting to off-line resources or and competitive websites.

Ansima approach to information architecture combines and merges, business/context, content and users into information architectures that reflect the way users think.

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